Understanding tax laws: relevant information that allows you to make BETTER INFORMED decisions.

The members of our experienced team of tax specialists do even more than accurately filling out forms. They take the time to listen to your needs and suggest ways to meet your objectives without exceeding your parameters. More specifically, they assess the short and long-term tax implications of your projects and decisions and inform you of your tax obligations.

Our tax planning suggestions are more oriented towards to our clients’ needs than towards aggressive scenarios. We are committed to keeping our tax knowledge up-to-date, and staying abreast of all new tax measures that might affect our client’s affairs.

Our clientele, present in most industry sectors, also includes other accounting firms, for whom our tax specialists act as resource people. Our tax specialists can also act as tax consultants and work with other advisors on a given mandate.

Our services include:

Streamlining corporate structures

  • Consolidate entities (liquidation, merger)
  • Corporate restructuring to achieve operational or competitive goals, for asset protection or business transfer needs, for income splitting, optimal use of the capital gains exemption, setting up safeguarding of assets trusts, family trusts, etc.
  • Assistance with projects of business of acquisition or sale
  • Analysis of shareholder agreements

Compliance and negotiation

  • Preparing tax returns

  • Reviewing draft tax assessment or new tax assessment notices

  • Negotiating with tax authorities

  • Preparing a notice of objection

  • Assistance with voluntary disclosure

  • Application and follow-up of compliance certification for non-resident Canadians

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)

  • Identifying potential SR&ED claims

  • Assistance in presenting SR&ED projects to tax authorities

Consumption tax

  • Reviewing sales tax aspects pertaining to company activities or special transactions

  • Reviewing draft tax assessment or new tax assessment notices

  • Making presentations to tax authorities

Estate planning

  • Preparing income tax returns after death and testamentary trusts

  • Tax planning designed to minimize tax after death

  • Estimating the cost of covering taxes after death

  • Providing assistance and collaboration to legal advisors in drawing up a will or testamentary trust: inter vivos, alter ego or joint partner

  • Post-mortem planning

Employees transferred abroad

  • Preparing Canadian tax returns for employees transferred abroad

  • Determining the salary equalization required to avoid assuming the tax burden for employees transferred abroad

  • Meeting employees to explain the tax implications of their transfer abroad

American and international taxation

  • Working with specialists in both these areas to help clients grow their international business

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