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Certified financial statements: a KEY TOOL for your business.

Assurance reports increase stakeholder confidence in your financial statements. They therefore meet the needs of a broad cross-section of users.

Our services include:

• Audit engagement (assurance)

The goal of an audit engagement is to provide reasonable assurance that the financial statements as a whole are free from material misstatement and that they present fairly, in all their significant aspects, the company’s financial position and operating results. This is the highest level of assurance.

More specifically, this type of engagement includes gathering information on the company’s internal controls and audit procedures regarding its operations.

• Review engagement (assurance)

A review engagement differs from an audit engagement by providing an intermediate level of assurance, based on the work of a certified professional accountant.

More specifically, this type of engagement includes examining financial statements to ensure they are plausible, i.e., worthy of belief, given the information provided.

The review entails:
  • inquiries;
  • analytical procedures;
  • discussions with responsible company officials to determine the plausibility of the information contained in the financial statements.

• Compilation engagement

A compilation differs extensively from both the review and the audit. Contrary to the audit’s high level of assurance and the review’s moderate level, the compilation engagement offers no level of assurance on the financial information provided by the client. Instead, this type of engagement is designed to help the client compile his or her unaudited financial information based on the company’s data.

The compilation entails:
  • receiving information from the client;
  • ensuring the mathematical correctness of the aggregate data;
  • presenting the information as financial statements.
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