Martin Morissette


Since 2015, Martin Morissette has been a partner at Blain, Joyal, Charbonneau. He manages clients from small or medium enterprises of various industries including services, retail, health professionals and not-for-profit organizations.

Professional association

  • Member since 1998 of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec

Main professional accomplishments

  • Asssurance engagements for corporations, not-for-profit organizations and registered charitable organizations

  • Consultations on businesses valuations, acquisitions and sales, and financial projections

  • Planning of corporate structures that will meet the entrepreneur’s goals

  • Personal tax planning

Affiliations and extra curricular involvements

  • Member of various board of directors for not-for-profit organizations

  • Present in the South shore business community by participating regularly in network corporate events by various business groups and Chambers of commerce

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