Management consulting


Accurate financial analysis: a significant SUPPORT in your decision making.

You have a substantial investment project that requires complex and accurate calculations? You want your business to reach and maintain its full potential? Blain, Joyal, Charbonneau’s certified professional accountants are here to help you.

Our services include:

Analysis of investment projects and of profitability study

We offer advices in studying the anticipated return on investment. Based on your assumptions, we create pessimistic, realistic and optimistic scenarios.

Budget forecasting

We have created software that compiles financial data on estimated results and also presents the liquid assets required to realize them.

Financial projections

Your company needs new or additional financing? Financial projections are built into the process of determining your needs and preparing a complete portrait to present to financial institutions.

Under this type of mandate, a CPA helps the company make financial projections, without being required to provide assurance with respect to these projections.

These projections are based on assumptions that reflect the management's planned courses of action, given the most likely economic conditions for the period covered. They also take into account one or more speculative hypotheses consistent with the purpose of the information, but which management believes are not necessarily the most probable.

Consulting services on financing applications

We stay up-to-date on the latest financing products and bank requirements so we can advise you in your research and help you settle the best agreement possible for your financing needs.

Grant applications

We stay on top of the latest products and budget updates in order to apply for the largest grant you are entitled to. Because we have trainer certification from Emploi-Québec, we can offer training on programs that are eligible for subsidies of up to 50%.

Due diligence

Your company wants to complete an acquisition? Performing due diligence is an excellent support for your transaction analysis. A chartered public accountant of your choice will apply specific review procedures and produce a report on the results of this investigation and other aspects of the transaction.

This service includes:

  • discussions with your acquisition target’s management team;

  • analysis of your acquisition target’s accounting records;

  • analysis of your acquisition target’s financial statements.

  • discussions with your acquisition target’s chartered public accountants;

The analysis can include finances, production, human resources, sales, purchases, intellectual property, other assets and liabilities as well as accounting, legal and environmental issues.

Organizational analysis: goals, policy strategies, structure, determining roles and procedures

Our involvement in one or more strategic planning meetings as an independent facilitator will help you to have the clearest possible picture of your company.

Acquisition and sale of businesses, mergers

Business valuation advice reports, due diligence, advice on financing structure, assistance with price negotiations and adjustments to the purchase price; our invaluable professional expertise at all these stages will help you get the most out of all your transactions.

Business start-ups

Based on your vision, we provide assistance in preparing hard data for the following steps: feasibility study, projects development, research of financing, corporate structuring and incorporation, setting up accounting systems, operations and activities.

Succession planning

In respecting your plan and vision, we can set up with you financial and tax structures that will allow for a gradual transfer of leadership. This process also protects the assets of all parties and ensures that the transferor has the financial security to retire and that the successor has the necessary liquid assets.

Company diagnostic report

The results from our company diagnosis will enable you to eliminate or mitigate certain corporate weaknesses and therefore help you grow as an entrepreneur or an SME. Through questionnaires and discussions with our staff, you will be able to review the following aspects of your company:
  • corporate structure and governance;
  • financial analysis;
  • taxation and sales tax;
  • planning and estates.
We also collaborate with specialists in the following areas:
  • finance / administration / governance;
  • operations / production;
  • marketing;
  • human resources;
  • IT / communications.

Advisory committee

We can set up and manage an advisory committee that will provide business owners a confidential forum to discuss issues with specialists from different yet complementary fields. These discussions provide the means for entrepreneurs to reach their business goals more rapidly.

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